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What People are Saying!

I believed cell phone pictures were perfect until I took the Basic to Intermediate Course with My Photo School. Rory flung open an exciting door, revealing a new world and a bunch of good skills. No more clicking, but a growing curiosity and experimentation with photography - plus, I’m editing impressive photos. Do you enjoy fiddling with a camera? If so, ask yourself, what’s the value of a lifetime hobby? Try Rory’s hands-on programme. He’s patient and passionate, and you won’t regret it.

Catherine Leclezio

I began to lose interest in my newfound hobby as I became despondent with the quality of the photos I was taking. So I enrolled in the ‘Basic to Intermediate’ course with Rory Baker and I haven’t looked back. The notes and accompanying outdoor practical are very hands on, and Rory is a patient coach providing ample opportunity and activities to hone skills before moving on to the next level. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in photography but may lack a bit of confidence and skill. You will be amazed at what you will learn from this talented photographer and what he will help you to achieve in such a short space of time.

Kevin Smith

I loved My Photo School's Basic to Intermediate course - it was practical and informative. The theory was made very simple and accessible for me and I enjoyed the practical outings to apply my knowledge. Rory's is incredibly supportive and patient and would highly recommend the Basic to Intermediate program if you are a keen photographer wanting to understand your camera and how to use it well.

Mary-Joe Emde

I had the wonderful opportunity of doing a photography course with Rory Baker, and being a complete novice i was made to feel at ease and no question was too simple to ask Rory during the course. His lessons were fun and informative . This is a great course for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and creativity in photography.

Nola Booysen

I have attended the Lightroom Course with My Photo School about 2 years before. Rory alerted me to several new upgrades in Lightroom so I attended the Lightroom Master Class to learn these new upgrades. Everything was explained in detail, patiently and interactively. By the end of the course I could not wait to go home and put these tools to use. Thank you Rory this course has helped me a lot, you have come to the rescue again. " - Brigitte Jordaan

I want to thank My Photo School, Rory Baker,  for being a great inspiration in my photography journey. Almost all what I know I learned from him. I love his courses. It is amazing all the knowledge he has on different cameras and LR and PS, I must now just practice what I have learned. Thank you for been so patience with me.

Alta Neethling

I took home with me the ability to take better and more creative photographs and the bonus of some cheerful memories. A super experience altogether.

Linda Paul

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, Rory leaves no question unanswered as his knowledge his vast! Met some great people and had a truly memorable experience. I am able to take better photos now that I know what to do!

Kim Flack

Rory finds a good balance between theory and practical application thus making the workshop a great learning experience as well as a lot of fun.

Geoff Feldon