Welcome to My Photo School!

My Photo School was established in 2014 and offers photography courses and workshops for beginners to advanced photographers in the Durban area. 

Email:  info@myphotoschool.co.za

Phone: 072-972 9478

 Our classes are small so you are never left out. Our short courses start from an introductory Photography for Beginners to a comprehensive Basic to Intermediate Course. These photography courses are further supported with Lightroom and Photoshop courses and day-workshops designed to boost a photographers skills and creativeness even further!

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Course Workshop


Seats Available

1on1 Private Coaching



LR Catchup Workshop

8 January 2022


Portrait Workshop

15 January 2022


Photography for Beginners 101

5 February 2022


Basic to Intermediate Photography Course

9 February 2022


“Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” - Henri Cartier-Bresson

Why you should attend a Photography Course or Workshop!

You will be inspired:

You will be exposed you to new ideas and techniques that will propel your photography to another level. 

Meet Like-Minded People:

You will meet other photographers and make new friends and be inspired with what they are doing.

Invest in Yourself:

Investing in yourself (continuously) helps to create a strong foundation from where you can build on throughout your life. Investing in yourself as a photographer (amateur or professional) will impact your ability to perform and achieve your goals albeit achieving awards at your club, landing new paid commercial jobs or just completing your annual family album.

Learn new skills:

Firstly, as photographers we all see the same thing with different perspectives. However, on our own we tend to get stuck doing the ‘same old same old’. Attending a workshop is a great way to do things outside of your comfort zone and learn new skills all while being guided by the coaches and benefiting from everybody’s experience.

Refine your style:

Most photographers develop a certain style of photography. By attending a workshop, you can further develop your style with what you learn from the coaches and fresh ideas you see from the other photographers.

Build a Portfolio: 

With all the other reasons aside a good portfolio does help you get more jobs and more recognition as a photographer. An organised workshop provides you everything you need to achieve good photos and most importantly the guidance and coaching.