My Photo School offers photography short courses and workshops for beginners to advanced photographers. Our classes are usually small so no-one is left out and everyone gets involved. The short courses start from an introductory Photography for Beginners to a comprehensive Basic to Intermediate Photography Course, We also do Private Coaching where a photographer can select topics where they feel the need to brush up their skills.

These photography courses are further supported with Lightroom course, Photoshop courses, Master Classes and and day-workshops designed to boost a photographers skills and creativeness even further!

We are proud to launch our RGB Photography Academy.

Instead of offering just a class or workshop, we now offer mentorship
designed to help amateur and potential professional photographers reach their goal.

What People are Saying!

As a keen amateur photographer, the half day practical Intermediate workshop I attended with Rory was both informative and thoroughly enjoyable. Rory spent time to establish what I already knew, and then shared some great tips and skills to help me to improve my photography. As a communications trainer myself, I appreciated his vast knowledge, patient teaching style and great listening skills. It was time very well spent, I’ll definitely be back for more!

Caroline Tough

I have attended the Lightroom Course with My Photo School about 2 years before. Rory alerted me to several new upgrades in Lightroom so I attended the Lightroom Master Class to learn these new upgrades. Everything was explained in detail, patiently and interactively. By the end of the course I could not wait to go home and put these tools to use. Thank you Rory this course has helped me a lot, you have come to the rescue again.

Brigitte Jordaan.

I began to lose interest in my newfound hobby as I became despondent with the quality of the photos I was taking. So I enrolled in the ‘Basic to Intermediate’ course with Rory Baker and I haven’t looked back. The notes and accompanying outdoor practical are very hands on, and Rory is a patient coach providing ample opportunity and activities to hone skills before moving on to the next level. I highly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in photography but may lack a bit of confidence and skill. You will be amazed at what you will learn from this talented photographer and what he will help you to achieve in such a short space of time.

Kevin Smith

I met Rory after my family gave me a bird photography session with My Photo School as a gift. We spent the morning at the SAPPI ponds, a great spot for bird photography and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Since then I have done Rory’s basic to intermediate photography course, Lightroom course and have spent a day with him at Tugela and Mtunzini shooting birds and wildlife. Rory’s knowledge and passion for photography has guided me from being a complete novice to where I really understand what I am doing with confidence as I make photography my retirement hobby.

Mike du Trevou

I want to thank My Photo School, Rory Baker,  for being a great inspiration in my photography journey. Almost all what I know I learned from him. I love his courses. It is amazing all the knowledge he has on different cameras and LR and PS, I must now just practice what I have learned. Thank you for been so patience with me.

Alta Neethling

Thoroughly enjoyed the course, Rory leaves no question unanswered as his knowledge his vast! Met some great people and had a truly memorable experience. I am able to take better photos now that I know what to do!

Kim Flack

I loved Rory’s Basic to Intermediate course - it was practical and informative. The theory was made very simple and accessible for me and I enjoyed the practical outings to apply my knowledge. He is incredibly supportive and patient and would highly recommend the Basic to Intermediate program if you are a keen photographer wanting to understand your camera and how to use it well.

Mary-Joe Emde

I had the wonderful opportunity of doing a photography course with Rory Baker, and being a complete novice I was made to feel at ease and no question was too simple to ask Rory during the course. His lessons were fun and informative . This is a great course for anyone wanting to expand their knowledge and creativity in photography.

Nola Booysen

I believed cell phone pictures were perfect until I took the basic to intermediate course. Rory flung open an exciting door, revealing a new world and a bunch of good skills. No more clicking, but a growing curiosity and experimentation with photography - plus, I’m editing impressive photos. Do you enjoy fiddling with a camera? If so, ask yourself, what’s the value of a lifetime hobby? Try Rory’s hands-on programme. He’s patient and passionate, and you won’t regret it.

Catherine Leclezio

I took home with me the ability to take better and more creative photographs and the bonus of some cheerful memories. A super experience altogether.

Linda Paul